Integrated event
registration system

Take your event to the next level with MyConnector

MyConnector is an event management tool that centralises registration and communication with your attendees in one simple platform, improving customer experience and saving you precious time with admin activity.



  • Customize the registration process
    Create custom fields for your registration page, personalize the participation packages and manage payments & invoices through the platform. Save time on checking multiple lists by having all the information about attendees in one place.
  • Simplify communication with the attendees
    Structure your database, filter attendees and send them automatic emails and notifications. No more exporting and cleaning up data, as the format will stay consistent for all attendees.
  • Build event mini-website
    Build your event website easily using the website template platform available Here. You only need to upload the content, personalize it with your concept and it is up and running!


  • Enhance networking for attendees
    Enable messaging, contact sharing & meetings between attendees, so they can easily get in touch with each other and take advantage of the networking opportunities your event offers.
  • Offer access to book sessions
    Allow visitors to book sessions pre event & upload the videos or presentations after the event. Know what sessions will be the most popular before the event and be ready for the traffic
  • Stay updated with live stats
    Use real time statistics from the app to keep track of the event visitors and identify possible improvement areas

Prepare the event days

  • Quick access at the event
    Send attendees their unique access codes through text messages/emails. Advice them to have it at hand when they arrive at the event so they can access the event quickly.
  • Personalized badge in <3 seconds
    The printers at the registration desks will automatically print the personalized badges once they enter the codes on the tablets in location in only 3 seconds.
  • Keep track of your attendees
    Scan the attendees to keep track of where they are so you can allocate the resources efficiently


Your visitors can access all event information anytime, anywhere. From online event registration, agenda and schedule, to the location of different interest points on your event map, everything is in one place.

The app is available for all major platforms:

why use MyConnector


Fast, easy access to your event

Automatic printing < 3 seconds for a custom badge. Simple registration and congestion-free experience for your event visitors.

Improved event experience

Incorporate technology at every step for your own event. No more outdated list checking, hand-written badges, stickers or scattered information.

Easy access to information

Anywhere you go, information at any time. From agenda and schedule, to the location of different interest points on your event map, everything is in one place.

Enhanced networking experience

MyConnector is a tool that creates and facilitates the interaction between your participants. They can search other attendees, send messages or establish meetings.

Live stats to track your event

The platform aggregates all event interactions and offers real-time statistics and reports: event traffic, demographics, number of interactions, sent messages, booked sessions etc.

RIUF is one of the first projects that started using MyConnector since its primary version. The ongoing improvement of the software transformed it to be one of the best assets we ofer to our clients during the events we organize. It is efficient, easy to personalize, user-friendly and the team behind MyConnector makes it a reliable partner.
Vladimir Deliu, Project Manager of RIUF – Romanian International University Fair